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الأربعاء، 3 يوليو 2013


Emo is a large bird is not closely related to the ostrich, the emu and emus are hot emo boys. Emo is a musical genre that has exploded in popularity over the last decade, especially in teenagers. Style has been around for much longer than ten years, dating already mid-1980s, the answer to the evil punk music. The musicians looking for a way to express their emotions, not only to provide social commentary. Today, emo style more than anything else, and perhaps one of the easiest styles to recognize them. Emo is being considered to be an abbreviated version of "emotional", which is what this is about style. Therefore, most of the music is characterized by emo songs that speak to the heart, and honestly, how the group or singer. One can easily remember the past influences the music styles of this genre, where punk, indie, and even includes a bit of New Wave. But music is not the only thing that makes emo. Today, it's all about fashion. Take a look in a public place where people can find in their teens and be sure to at least three, emo spotted. Often confused with goth, emo style, dominated with black hair, thick eyeliner, boys and girls, and often find studs bracelets and belts. The most common emo hair is short look behind the long side swept sing at least one eye.

As described above, the eyes are often thick black eyeliner to make Cleopatra style. If jeans are worn, they must coincide closely with the boys often choose to wear jeans girl. The shirt is too tight, sometimes a little too small and can be decorated with the names of emo bands, slogans or pictures of irony. Canvas shoes are usually like skater shoes. With the attitude appearance. Negative stereotypes Emo create pieces in the same category of children who cut themselves or nihilist. Although this is not a cross-overs stereotype is always true and can easily lead to a lot of young people and can emo teenagers with severe emotional problems, that the self destructive behavior. You do not need to cut yourself emo. 

Works of visual art of poetry seems to be a very popular genre with the ability and desire to be free of emotions and feelings together to discuss. Significantly different from most other genres of social, emo has gathered a huge following. Hot emo guys are the ones that embody the ideals and fashion sense of the genre.

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